TITAN 14bit SMS V3.0


SKU: SC-1256TG Titan14b
  • Modified in SAVOX factory for continuous rotation (360 degrees) with 16384 ticks/rev (14BIT) ams IC !
  • Magnetic stray field immuned
  • Highly responsive & accurate
  • Continuous Rotation WITHOUT DEAD BAND and 21.6 kgcm torque (@7V)
  • Selection of communication bus: I2C, RS485, Uart, TTL Standard and TTL 1kHz offered.
  • Absolute Position measurement (repeatability up to 5 ticks).
  • Titanium alloy hard Gears
  • Dual Ball Bearings-Not oilite bushings! aluminium /plastic casing
  • 64 bit position measurement.
  • coreless motors (stronger than ferrite ones)
  • 25T spline
  • premium quality by Savox™ specially made for 01™ Mechatronics
  • 2 year warranty offered by 01

Our TITAN supermodified servos are based on 360deg version of SAVOX 1256TG (Titanium alloy gearbox) servo and are manufactured for continuous rotation of the output shaft (by removing in the factory the mechanical stop from the output servo gear) offering innovative PID position / speed control, rendering appropriate solutions for most robotics applications. And don't worry we offer you also a legacy PPM interface.

The TITAN  servos are powered by SAVOX technology. The gears are of titanium alloy and the motor of this specific servo are manufactured by SAVOX while their torque rating is 277ozin (20kgcm) @ 6V. The equipped coreless motor can operate also up to 7 Volts. The stray field of the coreless motors are so strong that the GMR sensor array of infineon’s TLE 5012B of our 15bit Magenc-LowRev cannot operate reliably.

So we are offering to our customers the robust and stray field immune 14bit (16384 ticks/rev) Magenc 14bit SFI (Stray Field Immune). Based on a very sophisticated implementation of HALL effect MEMS sensors ams chip 5047D give us the opportunity to bring to the market a set of VERY EFFICIENT and ROBUST servos.


TITAN 14bit SMS V3.0 Specs

 Weight (gr)                                                                            50

Dimension (mm)                                                                    40.3 x 20.2 x 37.2 

Resolution                                                                               0.022 degs 

Rotation Measurement                                                          Continuous (64bit position counter)

Encoder Type                                                                         Absolute Magnetic Encoder

Ticks/rev                                                                               16384 

Torque                                                                                   (oz-in) 277 @ 6V / 300 @ 7V 

Torque (kg-cm)                                                                      20 @ 6V / 21.6 @ 7.V 

Speed (No Load) RPM                                                              132

Maximum Current                                                                   4900 mA

Motor Type                                                                              Coreless Brushed

Standby                                                                                   28 mA 

Gear                                                                                       Titanium

Actuator Mode                                                                         YES

Wheel Mode                                                                             YES

Communication without additional electronics           RS-485/Uart/I2C/TTL standard/TTL 1kHz

Position Feedback                                                                   YES

Load Voltage Feedback                                                           YES

Input Voltage Feedback                                                          YES

Compliance/PID                                                                      YES

Current Measurement                                                             YES 

Overload Protection                                 See our manual commands 11.2.6 & 11.2.7 (pp28,29)

Velocity                                                                         Can be provided as ticks/sec

Realtime tick                                                                           YES

Joint Torque Sensing :                                                    Via command getcurrent (11.2.6)

Setpoints                                                                         YES – (velocity & Position)

 Actual Motor                                                                   Savox SA-1256TG 


Note that the TITAN 14bit SMS V3.0 is modified to continuous rotation and we offer a 2 year warranty




SPURV NRK aug 2017 from KVS Technologies on VimeoOur 01TM MagEnc V3.0 Low Rev provides feedback on its steering output which is actuated by TITAN 14bit SMS V3.0 and two   ZEUS 14bit SMSV3.0   with close loop PID control.




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