Firmware Update

Please download the latest firmwares at our download section!

1. Run “firmsms” as administrator being sure that you have closed SMS commander application.
2. The software printouts the following:

* *
* Firmware Updater [VERSION TYPE] *
* *
Please select the COM port from the combobox that will be used for the firmware update.

In order for the firmware to be uploaded to the Supermodified Controller,
power to the device must be applied exactly prior to starting the firmware update.

Power down the device now.
Get ready to power it up, then press the [UPGRADE CHIP] button to upgrade.

3. Select the COM that the RS485 adaptor is connected, and press “Update Firmware”. Then you will be issued the following:

4. Select “Yes” BUT:

Before pressing Yes you should be prepared to have the negative (-) of the power out of the breadboard and when pressing Yes simultaneously to power the negative pole so as you perform “something like a reset” to the processor. **THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT**.

Try it one-two times and you will achieve it. If the device is flashed then you will have the following screenshot:

Then your device is ready to test!
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