SPURV Responder by KVS technologies

The Project

SPURV Research is developed by Norwegian company KVS (relaunched under the name Field) to provide a platform for research & development of UGV (Unmanned Ground Vehicle) technology, such as machine vision, path planning and advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS). The low physical size and weight, combined with the same functionality as a larger vehicle makes this an ideal platform for reducing the risk, time & cost in research projects.The robot has been developed in close cooperation with Rogaland Fire and Rescue, one of the largest fire deparments in Norway, and Norwegian Tunnel Safety Cluster.

The Result

SPURV Responder is a high-speed camera robot, that provides the operator with a set of eyes and sensors that can be deployed in hazardous environments, without compromising the lives of personnel. . The robot is used for reconnaissance in tunnel structures, underground facilities, industrial buildings and other objects that are associated with high risk of personnel casualties.


Our 01TM MagEnc V3.0 Low Rev provides feedback on its steering output which is actuated by two ZEUS 14bit SMSV3.0 with close loop PID control. The ZEUS servos made by ZEROONE are powered by SAVOX technology. The gears and the motor of this specific servo are manufactured by SAVOX and their torque rating is 500ozin (36kgcm) @ 6V. The equipped coreless motor can operate also upto 7.4Volts

The vehicle can quickly be controlled through the ROS ecosystem, which saves valuable development time, and gets the whole project up and running in no time. Onboard smart battery charging & balancing circuitry makes the system available without the need for handling of batteries, creating a plug-and-play system.With its external connectors it is possible to interface with a large variety of sensors, such as industrial LiDARs, stereo cameras, radars, IMUs, etc, creating a truly flexible and adaptable platform.

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