POS CNC TESTER - Force Feedback Application

  • Supermodified HS422 Supersport-Keystroke Force Feedback
  • Application Abrantix
  • The Product Line of POS-CNC Testers


The Need

Merchants demand stable and high-quality payment solutions, so that's why Terminal Testing gets more complex every day... In order to best respond to this great challenge, our customer develops EFTPOS Terminal Testing Robots with Automated card insertion and PIN entry. The robots allow  to fully automate the testings for 24 hours, 7 days a week. Thanks to automated testing, the products  are released to market faster. This also means that software cycles will speed up since the developers can test their software changes automatically. Their customers are releasing  products of excellent quality in time to keep up with  demand.

The Result

An innovative and portable 4 axes CNC machine used for testing bank terminals with active sensing of POS key pressing. The fourth axis is driven by our Supermodified servo HS422 and its purpose is to push the keys with force feedback! Our Supermodified servo's great responsiveness and total precision, are  key factors in Robot's successful function.  EFTPOS Terminal testing is now becoming  a smooth mechanical procedure that keeps customers satisfied by generating increased revenue. 



The main problem solved by our SMS technology was the seamless capability to measure current satisfactorily. With current measurement, the system "knows" exactly when each POS key is pressed. The loads for pressing key are not so heavy and also are very short, SMS controller accurately measures current and allocates correct "force feedback" feature! This innovative technology adds "kudos" to EFTPOS Terminal company's profile, as an entrepreneurial force in banking tech-sector.


EFTPOS Card and PIN Robot for automated testing

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