PicoMCU V3.0



The 01TM PicoMCU V3.0 is a microcontroller board based on the populat Atmel ATMega328p microcontroller.

It includes a voltage regulator that makes operation from up to 24V possible.

All microcontroller pins are exposed to the user either via the pinheader, double-entry connectors or solderpads.

A crystal for 20MHz, 20MIPS is included. The device also supports multiple interfaces, such as uart, RS-485, I2C, SPI and several configurable digital IOs and analog inputs.

The device is 16 x 16 x6mm and weighs 1.2 gr.

The circuit is designed to cooperate seamlessly with the ZeroOne® MotDrv and the ZeroOne® MagEnc products, to form the ZeroOne® Supermodified, a fully integrated motor controller that includes the rotational sensor and is capable of controlling DC motors up to 120W at an incredibly small size!


  • Tiny! Only 16x16x6 mm (connectors included) !
  • Can be powered with 5 – 24 Volts.
  • Based on the popular ATMega328p microcontroller running at 20MHz.
  • Multiple interfaces, including 5V uart, RS-485, I2C and more !
  • Pre-installed bootloader that operates over UART or RS-485 at 0.5 MHz.
  • Automotive grade. All components rated for temperatures up to 150 degrees Celsius.
Weight 0,020 kg
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