MotDrv V3.0



The 01TM MotDrv V3.0 is a fully integrated H bridge based on the Freescale MC34931 IC.

Fast switching times allow for very robust DC motor control implementation.

The multiple protection functions provided and the materials used, make the device exceptionally robust and reliable under the harshest conditions.

The board provides a path for the heat, produced at high currents, to the back of the PCB, thus making heat-sinking possible and easy to implement, whenever it is needed.

The circuit is designed to cooperate seamlessly with the ZeroOne® PicoMCU and the ZeroOne® MagEnc products, to form the ZeroOne® Supermodified, a fully integrated motor controller that includes the rotational sensor and is capable of controlling DC motors up to 120W at an incredibly small size!


  • 5 to 28V continuous operation, up to 40V transients.
  • 5Amps continuous operation
  • 8 Amps peak current.
  • Up to 120W continuous (with appropriate heatsinking)
  • Protected from overvoltages
  • Protected from undervoltages
  • Short circuit protected
  • Temperature dependent current limit reduction
  • Tiny ! only 16 x 16 mm
  • Very fast switching times. Typical 20.5 us on state to off state delay.
  • Automotive grade. All materials used can withstand temperatures up to 150 degrees Celsius.
Weight 0,020 kg
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