Knowledge Database

Our technology is a new philosophy on how to built FAST and FLEXIBLE controllers

SO they have to be seamlesly integrated to your robotics projects making your life EASIER!

In order to fulfil this commitment we know that we have to offer you fast and flexible support!

You can now submit your technical request by pressing the tab “Support” !

Every ticket that comes into our support service is automatically categorized, prioritized and assigned to our engineers. Also bug reports are detected and sent to our development team. So we can help you in a more fast and effective way, worldwide. Resolving our support tickets helps us not only supporting our products but also developing a knowledge repository that is available to all our clients and fans of our technology.

To further develop our HOW-TOs that are available in our knowledge repository we mostly welcome contributions from our clients and enthousiasts at our emails or online our Freshdesk Repository.

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We are currently working on the creation of additional content for our website.