biophilic vessel

Atelier Morphology – Biophilic Creations

In 2021, Maroula Zacharias founded Morphology as a cross-disciplinary, technology-driven atelier creating lighting objects and environments for enabling nature to grow inside the contemporary Interior. With light, optics, and 3d-printable biocomposites as its primary mediums, Maroula’s work seeks to create cross-disciplinary design vocabularies for channeling the human need to connect with nature. The Atelier centers …

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2 As You Said KERNEL (Custom)

Digital Arts – “As you said, things resist and things are resistant” by KERNEL

Previous Next Triennial exhibition of NEW MUSEUM is the only recurring international exhibition in New York City devoted to emerging artists from around the world, providing an important platform for a new generation of artists who are shaping the current discourse of contemporary art and the future of culture. “Songs for Sabotage,” the fourth New …

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SPURV Responder by KVS technologies

Previous Next The Project SPURV Research is developed by Norwegian company KVS (relaunched under the name Field) to provide a platform for research & development of UGV (Unmanned Ground Vehicle) technology, such as machine vision, path planning and advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS). The low physical size and weight, combined with the same functionality as …

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Large Deployable Structures for Future Space Science Missions

Previous Next The Project Design, Analysis and Procurement of hardware and software for the development of a controllable structural mockup. This applies to a high-performance expanding system for future Science missions and was made by ADAMANT Composites. The Maximum Achieved Velocity of deployment was 0.08 degrees/sec (measured in experiment). The Result The “scissor” mechanism should …

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Προηγούμενο Επόμενο Laser-Painting by Sebastian Morales Prado Imagine being able to paint anywhere and on any surface, no matter how big the canvas is or how far it seems to be! This robotic controlled laser lets turn any landscapes into canvas.The idea is simple, as they usually are (at least in the beginning). Being fascinated …

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