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biophilic vessel

In 2021, Maroula Zacharias founded Morphology as a cross-disciplinary, technology-driven atelier creating lighting objects and environments for enabling nature to grow inside the contemporary Interior. With light, optics, and 3d-printable biocomposites as its primary mediums, Maroula’s work seeks to create cross-disciplinary design vocabularies for channeling the human need to connect with nature.

The Atelier centers its work and process on systems that can be reassembled, on the integration of plant-based, 3d printable materials, and on the use of materials as ecological mediums for modifying the properties of light.

In summary, our team of motor controller developers and designer team played a critical role in ensuring that Morphology products when required movement and actuation of motion or light operate with elegance and accuracy. With our expertise in motor control systems, electronic design, and programming, we have helped improving the prototype performance, reduce downtime, and ensure ultimate sophitication in our collaborative work. Our focus on optimizing the motor control system, integrating it with other components, using advanced control techniques and programming, sourcing high-quality components, and providing training and support ensures that any product will meet the highest standards of quality and reliability.

For our team is a great pleasure collaborating with acclaimed innovators and Designers like Maroula Zacharias.

With a focus on lighting, Atelier Morphology’s work is situated at the intersection of design, technology, and as its founder Maroula Zacharias describes, the physics of biophilia – our innate need to connect to nature through the contemporary interior.

biophilic fold
biophilic 3

With light, optics, and motion as its primary mediums, Morphology creates architecturally-inspired works that extend the established forms and functions of light towards novel directions.

Maroula Zacharia’s aspiration is embodied to creations of indoor spaces and environments of connection between humans and nature, across different scales.

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